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Brother and Sister Handprint Keepsake

Brother and Sister Handprint Keepsake
Inspired by sibling love, this ceramic plaque captures the handprints or footprints of siblings at a moment that will now be cherished forever! This plaque can be hung on the wall, or placed on display with a plate holder. This ceramic plaque is approximately a 8 inches in diameter. A great way to remember a brother and sisters love for each other.

The Process
1. Once your order is placed, a handprint mold kit will be sent out the next day that will allow you to capture the perfect print in just a few minutes.
2. Customize your item by choosing the color, text, and style through an online form.
3. Ship the mold back in a prepaid envelope included in the kit.
4. Once we receive the handprint, it will be transferred to clay, kiln fired, and glazed.
5. You will receive the final product about 4 weeks after we receive the prints.