The Process

The process begins as soon as you place your order through our shop. You will be emailed a link containing information for filling out our online order form. Then, a molding kit will be sent to you, which includes the molding material, a small rolling pin, step-by-step instructions, as well as other materials that will assist you in making the perfect print. A pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope is also included in the kit, so when you are finished with your print you can send it right back to us!

Receiving the Molding Kit

When you receive your kit, and after reading through the helpful tips to familiarize yourself with the process, you will begin experimenting with the molding material. The best thing about the molding material is that if your print doesn’t turn out the way you’d like, you can redo it as many times as you need! When you are satisfied with how your print turned out, you will bake it in your oven in order to harden the molding material and to make the print permanent. Finally, you will send the mold back to us in the pre-paid envelope. No need to wrap up the mold when shipping it back; the mold will be hard but not brittle, therefore it won’t break during shipment.

Watch our example video for capturing the perfect handprint of your baby or child.

Creating Your Product

As soon as we receive your mold, we will check the order form you have previously filled out online. Your custom product will soon be in the works! We use non-toxic white clay in all of our creations. Based on your options you chose on your order form, your product will be hand-crafted, paying close attention to the details of your little one’s hand or foot (or paw!). The clay will then be left to air dry for a week or more, depending on the temperature and humidity in the studio. Then, an initial firing in our ceramic kiln will harden the clay and turn it into a ceramic piece. Next, based on the color options you chose, ceramic glaze will be applied and fired in the kiln one last time. The final finishing touches are added, and the product is carefully packed up and sent back to you, ready to display for a lifetime of memories.

Other Info

Due to the customized nature of our product, we have a 4-6 week turnaround time after receiving your completed mold. Also, we save your mold for a year, which allows you to order more products from us without having to create another mold.