How Did a Snowman Help Start a Business?

As our Christmas decorations were being put away for their 11 month hibernation, I came across the ornament in the picture above.  Most of the ornaments on our family tree have some significant meaning, and this one is no different.  Of course the snowman ornament is significant because it has the footprint of Ella and Maddy, but the meaning goes beyond that.  This ornament was the inspiration for starting Memories In Clay.  

I made similar ornaments to give out to some family members, and everyone kept saying how much they loved them.  After watching faces light up and hearing how much people loved them, I knew I had a talent that I wanted to share.  With some help from my husband, we purchased a kiln, and got to work on making samples and trying to find the perfect way to make these handprint gifts.  Ideas for products were not hard to come by, and pretty soon we had our own Etsy shop!

We've been in business for almost a year now and things are going great.  I've found ways to juggle being a full time teacher and mom, while continuing this little business and watching it grow.  The feedback I get from my customers is what inspires late nights in the basement studio working with clay, long after the girls have gone to bed.  I know that when they open their gift from Memories In Clay, they will get the same warm feeling I get every time I look at that ornament.  


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