Partnership Program

Are you interested in offering a unique paw print keepsake to pet owners that your competition can't offer?  Memories In Clay  creates one of a kind paw print items that can't be bought at a store with a kit.   Each one of our premium products captures every detail in paw print.  The print molds are mailed to us, and we create a personalized product that is hand made in our studio.  This is exactly what every pet lover wants to remember their best friend.  

How The Process Works

You capture a pets print into a molding compound that we can provide you (think of it as fancy play-doh).  Once the mold is captured, you will bake it for 10 minutes. (here's a link to the directions… it’s quite simple )

These prints will be shipped or dropped off to us in Walled Lake, MI

We create the ceramic keepsake in our studio and deliver it back to you, and you can deliver it to the customer.

The Numbers

Retail Price:  Upscale boutiques and many vet offices charge up to $125 for inferior products.  You can choose the price you would like to charge based on your clientele.  We recommend a price between $60 and $100.  

Our Price to you:  We create each product for $40.  High volume customers that order 10 or more at a time can receive small discounts off that price.  

Memories In Clay vs The Competition

There are no direct competitors that offer this type of kiln fired customized paw print as conveniently as we do.  The closest competitors offer simple molding compounds that offer good prints, but none of the pizazz.  Which of these would you rather have in your living room as a way to honor your pet forever?

Getting Started

Starting a partnership with Memories In Clay is simple.  The first step is ordering a wholesale paw print kit which includes everything you need to get started for just $50.  It includes….

Everything in our retail kit to create prints (Oil, Rolling Pin, Aluminum Foil, Enough Molding compound to create 20 Paw Prints)

A free sample to show off the product to your customers.  We will do this with your own dog’s print and customize it however you want.  

Please note that you will never have to buy this kit again.  After you reach 20 sales and run out of molding compound, we will provide additional molding compound to you at no charge as needed.

 Here’s what our customers had to say

"beautiful way of remembering my little baby girl's tiny hands and feet! came out perfectly!"

"Had plaques of my nieces hands made for my sister and mother for Christmas. The plaques are perfect! Very well crafted and look even better than I expected. The process was very well organized and easy to follow with step by step instructions to get the hand prints and shipping envelopes included. Received the items in less time than predicted. I am very impressed with the quality of the plaques. Thank you so much!"

"Amazing! Beautiful-personalized it just the way I asked and rushed it for me to get it in time for Christmas! All my neighbors were thrilled with it!"

Want to Learn More?

Thanks for taking the time to consider a partnership with Memories In Clay.  If you would like to hear more details, please contact us or give Memories In Clay a call at 248-956-1140.  We will provide you with a copy of a partnership agreement for you to review.