The Clay Handprint Process

This page will take you through the process of ordering a handprint product from Memories In Clay.  The most common question we get at Memories In Clay is "how do you guys do that?"  

  1. You orders a product from our shop.  The handprint kit will be mailed out with 24 hours of receiving an order, and should arrive in just a few days.  
  2. You fill out an online customization form.  This is where you can choose colors, names, shape, etc.  This can be done any time, but we can't create the product until we know exactly what you want.  
  3. The handprint kit will arrive at your house, and you will capture the prints.  We provide everything needed to capture the most detailed print possible.
    Clay handprint process
  4. You place the completed prints into an envelope that we provide you.  Postage and labels are already taken care of.  
  5. We create the final product.  It will arrive back to you in 4-6 weeks.  We also keep the handprint molds for a year, in case you want to order more!
    Clay handprint process from Memories In Clay

We make the process as simple as possible.  Want to hear it from a customers perspective?  One of our customers documented the process of working with us in her blog.  And another one of our customers has a mischievous dog named Kolchak   Read about the process of capturing his pawprint, and how the products turned out in the end!