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  • The 15 Best Gifts for Dog Moms

    Is there a woman in your life who is so crazy about her dog that she embraces the title “Dog Mom”? Dog moms consider their pets their children – even calling their dogs their “fur babies.” Nothing thrills these women more than a gift that celebrates her four-legged family member.  We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best gifts for dog moms to help you find the perfect present.

  • Baby Hand Print Keepsakes and Baby Hand Print Ornaments

    Baby hand Print Keepsakes and Baby Hand Print Ornaments are the ultimate in remembering your child at that young and impressionable age. You can us...
  • How Did a Snowman Help Start a Business?

    As our Christmas decorations were being put away for their 11 month hibernation, I came across the ornament in the picture above.  Most of the orna...